Date: 31/01/2019

AmChamps 2019: Career Development, Change Management and a Surprise Mingling

Participants in the AmChamps Class of 2019 gathered at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, where they have started their one year educational program with lectures “Career Development, "Change Management,“ and the day-long event was finished by a surprise mingling – establishing team spirit through dancing.

Živorad Vasić, general manager of the InterContinental group and VicePresident of Delta Holding, illustrated for the participants, through examples from his personal and professional experience, how career development can look, emphasizing the importance of gaining knowledge, constant devotion and recognizing life chances. By explaining hotel industry’s business challenges, he said that Crowne Plaza has the highest percentage of employee satisfaction, even 98%, emphasizing the role of leaders in accomplishing continuous company goals.

In the second part of the program, Aleksandar Seratlić, CEO of SBB, presented the basis of change management, emphasizing that change is the only constant. He urged all participants to stay open for all potential changes, and that it is necessary to own the optimal combination of knowledge and experience, in order to make the right decisions for successful steps in carrier. Seratlić stated that he has built his career on changes and, in accordance with that, shared with participants useful pieces of advice on establishing and running successful company. He emphasized that the segment of emotional part in the influence on accepting change is very big and often completely unused, and that for the long-term sustainability in career, the ability of adjusting and changing is necessary.

At the end of the program, participants, with the help of Darko Dožić, from the Institute Tango Natural, learned their first tango steps and the basis of good communication and guidance through dancing.