Date: 08/02/2019

AmChamps 2019: Corporate Communications, Mentoring and Agility

Participants of the AmChamps Class of 2019 visited Banca Intesa, where they had a chance to closely meet with the areas of corporate communications, mentoring and agility.

Sandra Lazarević, Director of the PR and Marketing Communications Sector at the Banca Intesa, opened the all day AmChamps gathering with a look on her career path, and then she shared with the participants her experience in running the marketing and communications sector at the big company. She emphasized that an important part in this process is establishing a brand, guiding image and impressions of the brand that is being given to the public, while the other important factor is accomplishing the goals of the company. These two elements should always be in harmony, and for accomplishing goals it is necessary to constantly listen to the market’s needs. Sandra stated that the rules of marketing and communications have changed a lot recently, and that communication with the client should be personalized, relevant, distinctive and picturesque.

Dragana Smolović, Director of the HR and Organization Sector, stated that the bases of mentoring is openness, trust and transparency in the relationship. She emphasized that the key for every mentoring relationship is to determine the goals that need to be accomplished. Dragana also emphasized the importance of efficient communications in the mentoring relationship and said that energy and enthusiasm are the key to success. “As long as we do mentoring, we are the leaders of change,“ she said to the participants of the program. The Mentor’s task is to lead the mentee through the process of change, in order to achieve its goal. For the end of the presentation, she gave the participants the task to, creatively and innovatively create a  mentoring diary in order to note the development of their mentoring relationship.

At the end of this visit, participants met with the concept of agility, through a workshop led by Jovana Dadić, Director of the Project Management Sector at the Banca Intesa. Jovana explained to the participants the substance of this term and different manners of implementing innovative methods in project management.