Date: 10/05/2019

AmChamps 2019 at Atlantic Group

The sixth AmChamps gathering has taken place at Atlantic Group, with participants encountering the company’s organization, work, production and sales.

After an informal gathering, AmChamps participants visited Soko Štark’s factory, where they saw first-hand how some of the most popular products in the company’s portfolio are produced, including Najlepše želje chocolate, Smoki, Napolitanke, Prima and Petit Beurre cookies, among others.

General manager Vladimir Čupić gave a lecture entitled “Atlantic Group – An ocean of opportunities“, presenting Atlantic Group’s history, values and the basis of its business to participants. He explained that the company’s key symbols – sun, wind and the mountains – represent passion, creativity and development. Čupić also emphasized the relationship the company has developed with its customers, the local community and their partners, and stressed that their guiding principle in business is that the company as a whole is more important than its individual parts.

Soko Štark’s brand manager Nikolina Obradović lectured on “Brand positioning in the market“, explaining to AmChamps participants how the company communicates with its customers by adjusting to their needs and the circumstances of their consumption, relying both on its roots and on non-stop innovation.

The gathering ended with AmChamps participants participating in the interactive “Searching for curiosity” workshop, in which they encountered one of the company’s most important values – curiosity.