Date: 30/05/2019

HResurs 2.0 – Challenges for managers in the private sector and public administration

The second gathering of the HResurs 2.0 program saw participants and employees in the public administration human resources sector attend a panel discussion on the challenges faced by managers in the private sector and public administration. The panel was moderated by Ivona Simić, advisor to the Serbian Prime Minister, while participants included Jelena Kralj from Pedersen & Partners, Dragica Bojanić from Trizma and Snežana Antonijević from the National Academy for Public Administration, as well as Željko Brkić from the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

After a brief comparison of the work of the private sector and public administration and a look at how opportunities for growth can be organized, the panelists discussed the importance of establishing and clearly communicating companies’ and institutions’ mission, vision and values to employees.

The next topic, employee retention, looked at how the enthusiasm and dedication of candidates can be evaluated at the job interview stage, as well as how managers can later develop a good relationship with their employees. All participants agreed that the most important factor in motivating employees is the opportunity for growth and progress.

Regarding situational leadership, the panelists discussed how managers can encourage positive change and help employees become better managers. They also emphasized the importance of nurturing employees’ internal motivation, referring to a willingness to work first on oneself and then on the surroundings.

Finally, they emphasized the importance of giving and receiving feedback, noting that communication is more important than is often realized. The panelists pointed out that, as we all receive information in different ways, it is necessary to know our employees well as well as being aware of what we want to achieve by giving particular feedback.