Date: 04/06/2019

HResurs 2.0 – How to motivate employees

HResurs 2.0 program participants spent their third gathering at NIS, where they attended a workshop on motivating employees.

Nataša Uskoković, Specialist in Salary Management at NIS, opened the workshop with the assertion that it is necessary to dedicate time to motivation in the business environment, as managers can influence employees to behave in the desired manner and so contribute to the company’s growth. She also explained various aspects of motivation to participants, such as the theory of motivation, dual factors, equality etc.

Bojana Sajlović, NIS’s HR business partner, presented participants with existing systems for rewarding employees which correlate directly to employee motivation, highlighting certain systems of establishing nonmaterial motivation that recognize work employees have done well. She also explained the role of managers in implementing motivation systems, as well as how to gain support from senior managers for the implementation of such systems.

Tatjana Šokčić, the founder and director of HR Centar, shared with attendees the sources and basis of employees’ motivation, which depend on enthusiasm, dedication and energy at work, as well as people’s willingness to learn and develop. She also pointed out that the basis of business results is the synergy of expertise and employee motivation. She finally added that motivation can be determined by answering two questions – why something is necessary and why it is worth making an effort.