Date: 11/06/2019

HResurs 2.0 – Personal development and personnel retention plan

HResurs 2.0 program participants spent their fourth gathering at the Palace of Serbia, where they attended a lecture on Personal Development and Personnel Retention Plans, held by Mind Protect director Tamara Tomović and Microsoft HR Manager Nikola Ilijin.

In interactive manner, Tamara Tomović presented the basis of emotional intelligence to participants, showing that it is based on self-examination, self-expression, relationships with others and decision making. She emphasized that reality is a manner of perception, meaning that it is necessary to develop interpersonal skills to help us to build a better relationship with both ourselves and other people. She also outlined the basis of International Coaching Federation competitions, as well as listing the elements of personality function. Participants also got an insight into the current state of their business and personal lives, through interactive practice, which led to concrete suggestions on how to improve their general satisfaction with all aspects of their personality.

The second part of the workshop was dedicated to personnel retention plans. Nikola Ilijin explained the importance of investing in employee development and competition, which correlates directly with the retention of employees at their current employers. He emphasized that investing in employee development is necessary because it increases efficiency in the workplace, improves the existing knowledge and skills of employees and also encourages employees to execute their work tasks better. He stated that all people have potential in themselves, and that the task of managers is to successfully expose this and direct employees in the desired direction. As well as giving potential reasons why personnel might leave, he also presented concrete measures for retaining personnel. At the end of the workshop, he provided an individual development plan, a tool that managers can use in the business development of employee competitions.