Date: 26/11/2019

HR Happy Hours: Recruitment & Onboarding

HR managers from AmCham member companies have taken part in the second HR Happy Hours session on “Recruitment & Onboarding“, organized by KPMG.

Companies are finding that they are recruiting more frequently than ever today, while the recruitment process is more expensive than ever. Despite the considerable expenditure and effort made by companies to internalize the hiring process, there is still no clear and secure way for employers to attract and retain young talent. The focus of today's discussion was on attracting and hiring staff, as well as on changes in the hiring process brought about by the younger generation and recent trends in the labor market.

Millennials and Generation Z prioritize values such as tolerance, flexibility, inclusion and the opportunity to move up the corporate ladder. High salaries and corporate culture appeal to young people, but diversity in day-to-day tasks and opportunities for learning and development are essential to keep them at the company. As many as 55% of Millennials and Generation Z members are more flexible in terms of their jobs than they were three years ago.

On the other hand, companies receive input from young people and are gradually adapting to the changes that have occurred. The question is how much these changes in youth values have altered the structure and appearance of job advertisements, as well as the platforms on which advertisements are placed.

One of the main conclusions of today's session was that young people pick and choose companies. In addition, they exchange experiences across various platforms, so they decide whether or not to accept a position according to their experience and the company’s reputation.

The initiative for the HR Happy Hours sessions came from the AmCham HR Forum, which identified the education and professional development of HR managers as a key step in the process of harmonizing the hiring process with young people’s expectations.