Date: 13/10/2020

AmChamps 007 – Corporate Culture

In the third online lecture, participants in the AmChamps 007 programme had the opportunity to learn more about corporate culture and hear a wealth of interesting practical examples.

The lecturers came from the Ball Corporation: the discussion was led by Branislav Savić, Plant Manager, Marta Arsić, HR Manager, and Nikola Cerović, Technical Manager at Ball Packaging.

Branislav, Marta, and Nikola shared the history, values, and culture of the Ball Corporation, today the largest producer and exporter of beverage cans in the region. The company has held fast to the same vision for 140 years; its long-standing efforts have led to the firm being the industry’s most profitable a top 15 employer. The Ball Corporation is known for its pride in its corporate culture, both on paper and in practice. Corporate culture is driven by the firm’s industry, with the key to success being the relationship between managers and staff, along with good communication and respect for the company’s views and positions. The lecturers highlighted the need to constantly create, develop, and nurture corporate culture. The values underpinning a company are its people and culture, innovation and business development, operational excellence, consumer focus, and sustainable development.