Date: 29/03/2021

AmCham members meet participants in career management course

Officers of AmCham member companies met participants in an online event organised by the University of Belgrade Career Development and Advisory Centre to help students take control of their future careers

The Career Skills Development Course is one module in the annual programme offered by the University’s Career Development and Advisory Centre. Final year undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral students were able to prepare for future jobs by attending simulated interviews with AmCham companies and discussing what makes a good CV and cover letter.

In a simulated job interview, AmCham’s Branislav Valent explained the recruitment process AmCham used to recruit a student as its Communication Intern. For the past 15 years, AmCham has been working with the Career Development and Advisory Centre on programmes designed to help prepare students enter the labour market, including Meet theBusiness First hand and Kadar da budem kadar programs. The Centre has also helped AmCham take on over 70 student interns in a variety of fields, including communication, administration, training, and regulatory affairs. Valent described how interviews were conducted and provided key advice from the employer’s perspective. ‘If you’re asked an open-ended question in an internship or job interview, try to answer honestly and truthfully. These questions allow you to present yourselves in the best light and make a large impression on the employer’, said Valent at the close of the simulated interview.

A series of simulated interviews with officers of AmCham members AstraZeneca, Bambi, Delta Holding, Hemofarm, and NIS were finally followed by a panel discussion, during which the interviewers advised students how to take charge of their career development and seek jobs, and encouraged all to apply for their internship programmes.