Date: 01/06/2021

Hemofarm marks 61st anniversary

Hemofarm celebrates 61 years of success by announcing investment of as much as 40 million euros this year into production plants, new equipment, and cutting-edge industry standards

Since 2006, Hemofarm has been part of Stada Group, a leading European pharmaceuticals company, which has invested some 300 million euros in modernising the company’s plants, equipment, and facilities.

Dr Ronald Zeliger, General Manager of Hemofarm, said the company’s growth was due to its business model, which prioritised continuous investment: ‘Hemofarm is great because it produces medicines for the whole world, but it grew exactly owing to regular investments, constant innovations in production and continuous investment in people and processes. The fact that we are a part of One Stada, which strongly enters the field of innovation in all segments of pharmaceutical development, is the reason for our success. In return, we hold a leading market position, achieve a record-breaking production in accordance with sustainable development principles, and provide maximum quantities of high-quality medicines available in pharmacies on three continents.’

This year’s plan is to invest some 28 million euros in Hemofarm’s operations in Serbia, close to 10 million euros in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and 1.5 million euros in Montenegro.