Date: 01/06/2021

Eurobank donates 1.2 million dinars to UNICEF, financing purchase of neonatal incubators for premature babies

Eurobank continues to support the Serbian health service. The bank has donated more than 1.2 million dinars for incubators that will go to the Kragujevac Clinical Centre Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

‘Assisting the health service is a key pillar of Eurobank’s corporate social responsibility efforts. In this case we have responded to UNICEF’s call to help babies infected with Covid-19. We have secured funding to purchase incubators that will help the infants fight off this insidious virus, and their health to us is truly priceless’, said Slavica Pavlović, President of the Executive Board of Eurobank.

Support to the communities it operates in and society at large has always been a major priority for Eurobank. Immediately after the state of emergency was declared in Serbia, Eurobank donated 6 million dinars to help finance urgently needed medical devices and personal protective equipment, and soon afterwards set aside another 1.2 million for oxygen flow meters.

‘This donation allows us to strengthen the capacity of the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at the Kragujevac Clinical Centre, which treats critical cases from as many as 13 maternity wards throughout Central and South-Eastern Serbia. We are grateful to Eurobanka for its consistent support to UNICEF in Serbia and for recognising the importance of our campaign Tako mali da bi u srce stali [‘So small they could fit inside a heart’], which is aimed at modernising Serbia’s neonatal medical care network’, said Vesna Savić Đukić of UNICEF.