Date: 02/08/2021

Delhaize Serbia donates funds to Unicef, helping refurbish and modernise hospital neonatal units

Delhaize Serbia has donated 200,000 euros to Unicef, with the funds being used to refurbish and modernise neonatal units at hospitals throughout the country

‘Neonatal units are an exceptionally important segment of the health service, which is why this donation aimed at their refurbishment lays the groundwork for future generations to grow up healthier and more enjoyably. The coronavirus pandemic and the past two years have shown us the importance of solidarity with those who need support, as well as that only a responsible and united approach can launch major initiatives and make our environment a better place to live’, said Jan-Willem Dockheer, CEO of Delhaize Serbia.

The donation will allow the purchase of the first patient transport vehicle and a therapeutic hypothermia unit used to treat new-born babies at the Kragujevac Neonatology Centre, as well as an additional unit for the Vojvodina Children and Youth Health Care Institute, based in Novi Sad. The funds will also help train doctors, nurses, and other health service staff apply the latest knowledge and procedures in neonatal care.