Date: 14/09/2021

Advocacy Matters Cocktail

Leadership of AmCham’s business regulation reform Committees hold informal meeting with Board of Governors

The picturesque AmCham Garden served as the venue for an inforamal presentation of the committees’ upcoming agendas to the Board.

Zoran Petrović, President of the Board, expressed his thanks to committee leadership  for their efforts and dedication. ‘In this 20th anniversary year for AmCham in Serbia, it’s a pleasure for me to say that advocacy is the most important part of AmCham and that the committees you lead are among the key engines that drive us forward and make sure we closely follow what the government does. We need to keep drawing attention to all failings of the business environment and pushing for regulatory changes, but also to give praise where praise is due.

The importance of our committees is highlighted by the fact that, starting from the next Board meeting, we will be inviting the heads of our thematic committees to formally present their activities to ensure that the Board is clearly aware of the scope of our work.’

The meeting concluded that these gatherings were both opportunities to get to know one another better and venues for identifying areas for collaboration between the committees.