Date: 20/09/2021

High reliability identification scheme and qualified electronic signing in the cloud

AmCham’s Digital Economy Committee and Office of Information Technology and E-Government showcase new digital citizenship technologies

AmCham hosted Mihailo Jovanović, head of the Office of Information Technology and E-Government, on a panel moderated by Zorana Branković, Chairperson of the AmCham Digital Economy Committee and Head of Multichannel and CX department at Banca Intesa.

The event heard that the Office of Information Technology and E-Government had become a registered provider of electronic identification services and a high, medium, and basic reliability identification scheme for Serbia. The Office is also registered as a qualified certification body able to issue electronic signatures for remote use in the cloud.

The ConsentID mobile app, launched more than one year ago, allows members of the public to use e-Government services to verify their identity online. In recent months, security and reliability improvements have allowed the app to advance a tier from medium to high reliability. Serbians can register to use ConsentID at 200 post offices, 160 local authorities, 145 local tax administration offices, and 27 branches of Mobi Banka.

Even at the basic reliability level, registration at is more secure than the standard registration procedure, primarily as it requires an identity card or passport number and national identification number, which is verified by the registering authority before creating an individual’s account.

Electronic signatures in the cloud are free of charge for all members of the public. ‘Once someone applies, they will be able to use their cloud-based electronic signature on the e-Government web site. To ensure high reliability, users must register via the ConsentID mobile app or using a qualified electronic certificate’, said Mr Jovanović.

More than one million Serbian nationals have registered on the e-Government portal to date, of which over 350,000 now use ConsentID. Apart from e-Government, the National E-Identification Portal also offers eZdravlje (‘e-Health’), Moja prva plata (‘My First Salary’), eDnevnik (‘e-School Register’), and local tax administration services.

Video of the event is available here (in Serbian language).