Date: 16/12/2021

Swinto wins this year’s Elevator Lab Challenge South-East Europe

Elevator Lab Challenge South-East Europe is Raiffeisen Bank’s regional startup contest focused at supporting technological innovations

The Swinto team was declared winner of the 2021 Elevator Lab Challenge South-East Europe, gaining the title of best South-East European startup and a 10,000 euro prize. Swinto will also have the opportunity to appear at the global Elevator Lab Demo Day in the spring of 2022, meet managers of Raiffeisen Bank International Group, and get advice on business presentations and making pitches to clients.

‘We’ve enjoyed this experience, it’s given us a wonderful opportunity to rediscover our idea and what we offer. We’ve invested a lot of effort in making a presentation that completely reflected what our company was about’, said the winning team after the second round of semi-finals in the Payment and Advanced Analytics Solutions category.

Semi-finals winners, the best firms in their categories, each won a cash prize of 5,000 euros and gained the chance to develop their pilot project with a local bank and the opportunity to integrate their solutions into Raiffeisen Bank systems and so reach 2.6 million clients.

Detailed information about the contest, members of the jury, and prizes can be found here, and video of the awards ceremony is available here.