HResurs is a unique, three-month program of mentoring and professional development for those who work in the private and public Human Resources sector, designed by AmCham Serbia and the PM’s Office (Cabinet), and financed by the National Public Administration Academy.

The main goal of the program is professional development and experience exchange between the state and its economy, which will inspire changes in public HR Management within the synergy of both sides.

The program consists of various activities created to strengthen leadership skills of participants, mutual networking and successful professional performance on joint tasks.


HResurs will attract  up to 50 participants – 25 of them employed in HR Management positions of the state administration bodies and the other 25 will be professionals from the HR departments of AmCham member companies who will be connected in mentoring pairs.


Call and Selection of AmCham Members

AmCham members - AmCham announces the call, and the selection of candidates will be done by the HR Forum executive board, representatives of the National Public Administration Academy and Government of Serbia.

Employed in state administration bodies – the National Academy announces the call, and the selection of candidates will be by representatives of the National Academy, Government of Serbia and HR Forum executive board. Employees in public administration bodies –ministries and administration bodies within the ministries who have permanent employment status and work in the HR sector.

The Opening Ceremony

The Program’s opening ceremony should attract as participants HR managers of the member companies and the highest officials of Serbian Government, the National Academy and AmCham. The introductory speeches will be followed by speed meeting session, during which the participants will be connected in pairs (the ministry representative –AmCham’s representative).

The Program

A regular part of the program is a compound of varied activities – mentoring, workshops, work on joint projects –in which all the participants take part.

In addition, once a month, the participants will have an opportunity to meet with the managers and mentees in order to inform them about project status and to gain their contribution for the project.


Mutual knowledge exchange and experience exchange in the HR sector, including the occasional switching of positions. The focus on the mentoring work will be analyzed for training needs. Time for the mentoring work has to be 20 hours in total, and the participants will choose their own working tempo.


• Introductory workshop –meeting with the ways
HR is being managed in public administration and an analysis of needs for professional development.

• Mentoring

• Innovations in creating and implementing the training (gamification).

• Focus groups leading

• Different perspectives of managing human resources

• Strategic positioning of human resources

• Data analytics (statistics, excel)

Work on the team project

Every pair has to do an analytic of the training needs of one department (soft skills and competences), from the mentees Institution – at the beginning of the program the mentor and mentee will decide together the department in question. In the closing event
the report of established needs will be presented (free form –ppt, word, etc.).


September 25th
Opening Ceremony of the program: speed meeting & pairing

September 28th
Workshop: Mentoring - National Academy

October 3rd
Workshop: HR Management in public administration and analytics of needs for the professional development – National Academy

October 24th
Workshop: Focus Groups Leading – UniCredit Bank
Workshop, only for mentees: Data Analytics (statistics, excel) – National Academy

November 15th
Workshop: Innovations in creating and implementing the training (gamification) – Phillip Morris Services

December 5th
Workshop: Different perspectives of HR Management

December 14th
Closing Ceremony: Presentations of the projects and diploma awards

*Dates are subject to change


Employees in HR department of the AmCham member companies can register for participating in the program until September the 7th 2018, COB.

Registration form and CV send to info@amcham.rs